How It Works

Enough energy hits the Earth from the Sun in one hour to fulfill the needs for electricity of the whole planet for a year. Thanks to modern technology, we have ability to harvest this energy, and stop relying on coal power plants, that pollute the atmosphere, and potentially dangerous nuclear plants.


1. Solar panels on your roof produce DC electricity.

2. Inverter then converts it to AC.

3. Revenue meter measures the electricity produced, which is then sent directly to the grid.

4. Your existing electricity meter continues to work the same way it works today.

The process of generating power from the Sun is quite simple. When the solar panels  are installed, they begin to convert the light that hits them into electrical power.

This power, in form of a Direct Current (DC), is then fed through the inverter, which converts it into Alternating Current (AC), to make it compatible with the existing power system.

Under the Ontario’s microFIT and FIT (Feed-In-Tariff) programs, this power is neither stored, nor used directly by you. It is passed through a revenue meter, a second meter that will be installed alongside of your existing electricity meter, and is fed directly to the grid to be distributed to you and your neighbours. The revenue meter  is your “profit meter”, as you will get paid monthly by your local hydro company based on the reading of this meter. All of the power used to power your home comes directly from the grid, and you get it for the same price you paid before installing solar panels, so your hydro bill is unaffected.

Our solar panels are locally made in Ontario with 10-year manufacturer warranty and 25-year power guarantee.