Ontario’s FIT (Feed-In-Tariff) program is the first program in North America, that offers a guaranteed price for renewable energy production over the span of a 20-year contract. Along with the microFIT program, it was implemented as a result of the Green Energy Act, which passed as a law in Ontario in 2009. This completes several fundamental goals, such as phasing out all coal plants in the province and replacing them with renewable energy sources by 2014 to reduce pollution and greenhouse gases, and boosting development of renewable energy technologies, while creating jobs in the industry.

The program is designed to serve large scale renewable energy projects, rated at 10kW and higher. It guarantees a fixed tariff rate over the term of the 20-year contract with the Ontario Power Authority. The rate cannot be changed and the contract cannot be revoked. All of these factors make it an extremely attractive investment opportunity, as well as an additional source of income for business owners that boosts the company’s green image.